We are happy to demonstrate the possibilities of our cloud telephony solutions. With a central unit in the cloud, you are flexible and ready for the future.  

Flexible and scalable 

Whether your organization has one or a hundred users, our cloud telephony solutions are always suitable. All services are scalable and cancellable per month. 

A cloud telephony exchange contains all the functionalities you need. You can think of flex seating, selection menus, queues, fixed and mobile integration and so on. 


• Simple setup, single telephone number without central functionality;  

• Multiple setup, multiple telephone numbers with telephone exchange, application for the workplace;  

• Advanced setup, multiple telephone numbers with telephone exchange, forwarding to mobile, queue functionality;  

• One of the above options combined with video conference options;  

• The customer gains access to the web portal where he / she has insight into the services purchased and can order new services;  

• Fixed amount per month based on services purchased.